Target Groups in BIO-Retail

Anyone who wants to design marketing measures in the organic trade efficiently and develop an overarching, consistent marketing concept should know their (potential) customers precisely. In order to address customers in a targeted manner, they are segmented according to different target groups. These are groups of market participants who differ Read more…

Recognize fonts on a website

The massive spread of web fonts means that typography is becoming more and more complex, even on the web. As a developer who is always interested, it is becoming more and more common that you want to know which font has been used. You will also be regularly confronted with this question in the print sector.


How do I create a persona?

It is therefore important to ensure a good mix of participants in these internal workshops: All relevant departments – i.e. of course sales, marketing, service – should be represented, but also supposedly “customer-unrelated” departments such as accounting, production or IT. Hierarchy should rather not play a role.


Personas: definition, origin, demarcation & purpose

Personas are user models that characterize the characteristics of people in a target group and can be seen as a proxy and blueprint of a typical customer. They are described in customer language, are as detailed as possible without losing the context of the task and as specific as possible without depicting real customers (anonymized). If you want to read more, click here: